Shaanxi Automobile Cummins Legion in Zimbabwe, Africa

Zimbabwe in Africa is a distant and unfamiliar land for most Chinese. In such a country, SHACMAN CUMMINS POWER (Shaanqi Cummins) has taken root and grown in the local market, and has spent more than ten years without knowing it. Since the first SHACMAN CUMMINS POWER truck arrived in Zimbabwe in Africa across the Indian Ocean in 2007, after more than ten years of hard work, SHACMAN CUMMINS POWER has already embarked on a booming express train here. Road.

In the process of opening up the market, SHACMAN CUMMINS POWER faces the situation of competing with international famous brands. Despite this, it has won the popularity of Zimbabwe’s many users with its excellent quality and has become the first choice for locals to buy a car.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. It is adjacent to Mozambique in the east, South Africa in the south, and adjacent to Botswana and Zambia in the west and northwest. The land area is about 390,000 square kilometers. Natural mineral resources are very rich, and coal, iron, chromium, gold, etc. are world-renowned for their quantity and quality. However, in such a country with abundant resources, minerals are not allowed to become a local pillar industry, so many people are also engaged in related work in this area.

L company is one of them. To be reliable, stable, and fast to transport minerals, you need strong transportation support. After continuous understanding and investigation, in 2007, 61 SHACMAN CUMMINS POWER (Shaanqi Cummins) crossed the sea to Africa and became the most solid working partner of L Company. Twelve years have passed, and these trucks are still running around the clock, helping the customers get more wealth.

The person in charge of the company told us that “mineral transportation is a “rough” job. The mileage of the round-trip operation is 2,100 kilometers, and the average monthly running is 4趟. So far, the accumulated mileage of bicycles has exceeded 1.2 million kilometers in 12 years. These strong, sturdy guys are very reliable, guaranteed to operate every day, and cost-effective, very suitable for us, and especially strong.”

“Cummins’ engine is also the main reason why we bought these vehicles in 2007. Cummins’ engine has a very good reputation in Zimbabwe, especially in the mining area. It is not difficult to go uphill and downhill. After 12 years, the fuel consumption is still very stable (average fuel consumption) 38.6L/100km), the performance is quite good.”

Since 2007, these vehicles have been fighting alongside L companies as a meteorite. Whether it is the engine’s own high-strength cylinders and the industry’s five core systems, Cummins’ global quality control system, production standards and manufacturing processes, these vehicles have a good “red heart”, reliability, attendance It has been effectively guaranteed, and under the harsh conditions of Africa, it is like a duck.

“The working conditions of these vehicles are really satisfying. I trust them. This quality makes us very relieved.” 12 years later, with the increasing business volume, L company purchased 26 more SHACMAN CUMMINS POWER again. (Shaanan Automobile Cummins) F3000 tractors, these vehicles will continue to be L’s sincere and reliable partners, accompany them and go further.

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Volkswagen or a new plant in Turkey with an annual production capacity of 350,000 vehicles

According to Automobilwoche, Volkswagen Group will establish a new factory in Turkey to produce cars of multiple brands. On July 11 local time, the Supervisory Board of the Volkswagen Group proposed to locate the factory near Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey.

The State of Qatar, which holds a 17% stake in Volkswagen, pushed the factory to Turkey at the board meeting. A spokesperson for the Supervisory Board of the Volkswagen Group told Reuters that the plan for the location of the new plant is being agreed, but has not yet been finalized.

The new plant will produce cars for brands such as Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat, which will alleviate the capacity constraints of Skoda’s plants in the Czech Republic to some extent. It was previously reported that the new plant will be commissioned in 2022 or 2023 with an annual capacity of 350,000 vehicles and will be responsible for the production of Skoda Krolock and SEAT Ateca compact SUVs.

Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier said in March that if the capacity permits, the brand’s total sales last year could exceed 100,000. In April this year, the Czech Economic Daily (Hospodarske Noviny) reported that Skoda is choosing the location of the new factory between Bulgaria and Turkey.

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Shaanxi Automobile DeLong X5000 listed

On July 16th, the first customer conference of 2019 Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck with the theme of “going home” was held in the ancient capital Xi’an Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Industrial Park. The party secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings Yuan Hongming attended the meeting and made “customer The center’s keynote speech. At the meeting, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck Caring Brand “Wan Defu” was launched nationwide, and the new DeLong X5000 standard-loaded logistics tractor was released. Wang Yanhong, deputy secretary and general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

Shaanxi Automobile X5000 vehicle chief engineer Yan Jiaxuan explained that Shaanxi Auto X5000 is mainly aimed at the standard-loaded logistics market, with five major value innovations. First, the fuel consumption is extremely low, the whole vehicle won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, 13G special powertrain, 19 Super fuel-efficient technology, fuel consumption dropped by 4%; Second, the vehicle used six major weight-reduction schemes, the vehicle weight is only 8.4 tons; the third is man-machine comfort, exclusive color scheme, performance comparable to luxury cars, 15 super configuration Pilot-class cabin; Fourth is the Internet, a new generation of voice control interactive technology, enjoy the wisdom of travel 10 full range of safe driving system; 5 is X5000 exclusive service, 48 months unlimited mileage + full process control + exemption service + initiative Prevention + speed service.

The three major parts of the X5000 still use the gold power chain of “Weichai + Fast + Hande”. It is equipped with Weichai WP13.550E508 engine, matching Fast C12JSDQXL260T (A) gearbox, the front axle is 7.3T maintenance-free week, and the rear axle is 13TMAN 440 bridge.

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