Shaanxi Automobile DeLong X5000 listed

On July 16th, the first customer conference of 2019 Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck with the theme of “going home” was held in the ancient capital Xi’an Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Industrial Park. The party secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings Yuan Hongming attended the meeting and made “customer The center’s keynote speech. At the meeting, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck Caring Brand “Wan Defu” was launched nationwide, and the new DeLong X5000 standard-loaded logistics tractor was released. Wang Yanhong, deputy secretary and general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

Shaanxi Automobile X5000 vehicle chief engineer Yan Jiaxuan explained that Shaanxi Auto X5000 is mainly aimed at the standard-loaded logistics market, with five major value innovations. First, the fuel consumption is extremely low, the whole vehicle won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, 13G special powertrain, 19 Super fuel-efficient technology, fuel consumption dropped by 4%; Second, the vehicle used six major weight-reduction schemes, the vehicle weight is only 8.4 tons; the third is man-machine comfort, exclusive color scheme, performance comparable to luxury cars, 15 super configuration Pilot-class cabin; Fourth is the Internet, a new generation of voice control interactive technology, enjoy the wisdom of travel 10 full range of safe driving system; 5 is X5000 exclusive service, 48 months unlimited mileage + full process control + exemption service + initiative Prevention + speed service.

The three major parts of the X5000 still use the gold power chain of “Weichai + Fast + Hande”. It is equipped with Weichai WP13.550E508 engine, matching Fast C12JSDQXL260T (A) gearbox, the front axle is 7.3T maintenance-free week, and the rear axle is 13TMAN 440 bridge.

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US UQM company guests visit Fast

On the morning of July 16, Lin Yuzhen, vice president of UQM Technology Corporation and general manager of Asia, visited FAST. Yan Jianbo, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the Fast Group, had a friendly discussion with the guests at the Xi’an high-tech factory.

Chairman Yan Jianbo welcomed the arrival of the guests and introduced the company’s development history, product development and strategic planning. He said that Fast has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation, accelerating the pace of high-end, intelligent and international development of enterprises, providing high-quality products, advanced technology and efficient services to users around the world.

President Lin Yizhen highly appreciated the innovative achievements, business performance and strategic vision of Fasttech. He hoped that the two sides will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation and achieve win-win development.

Wang Chao, Sales Director of Danfoss China, accompanied by Wang Shun and Liu Yi, Deputy General Manager of Fast Group.

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The world’s first low-pressure hydrogen refueling station

China’s hydrogen storage technology ushered in a new breakthrough!

The world’s first low-pressure hydrogen refueling station

On July 8, the world’s first bus equipped with a low-pressure alloy hydrogen storage system was officially unveiled in Huludao, Liaoning. The world’s first low-pressure hydrogen refueling station in the Hsingcheng Economic Development Zone in Huludao has also been completed. Invest in demonstration.

At the “2019 Liaoning Hydrogen Industry Development Summit” held at the same time, many academicians and experts interpreted the hydrogen energy and low-pressure hydrogen storage technology to explore its future development prospects.

At the summit, the leading companies in the domestic industry were enthusiastic, and they all invested in olive branches, and they should cooperate with the Huludao hydrogen energy industry. Liaoning Jiahua New Energy Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for the construction of hydrogen refueling station and a high-purity hydrogen supply strategic cooperation framework agreement with Huludao Xinao Gas Co., Ltd. and Hangjin Technology respectively; Jiahuali Road and Shenzhen New Energy Vehicle The Application Promotion Center signed a cooperation agreement on the application and promotion framework of low-pressure alloy hydrogen storage hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; Xingcheng Municipal People’s Government and Shenzhen Green Space Interstellar Space Science and Technology Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement on hydrogen energy research and development……

Ouyang Minggao pointed out that the commercialization of fuel cells in China has begun, and the fuel cell industry will be more competitive in the cold regions of northern China.

Industry experts pointed out that the technical route of low-pressure alloy hydrogen storage has simplified the problem of difficult gas addition, and will play a real role in accelerating the landing of hydrogen fuel vehicles and promoting the development of the entire industry. At the same time, the technical route also drives the development of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, which is expected to drive the industrial economy to take off.

As Ling Huawei, chairman of Jiahualidao, said in an interview: “Our goal is to create a fuel cell vehicle technology that is more in line with China’s national conditions, safer and more economical.”

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