Xi’an Cummins Concludes X Alliance with Terminal Customers

On July 11, “100-year Cummins, China Travel to the United States” came to Xi’an, the ancient capital of the millennium. On the occasion of Cummins’Centennial birthday, Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. joined hands with key customer representatives to form X Alliance, which will strengthen customer care through a series of digital and intelligent technologies and Cummins’ six power solutions throughout the country. To upgrade customer experience and create greater value for customers.

Wang Yanhong, deputy secretary and general manager of Shaanxi Auto Holding Party Committee, Liu Xiaoxing, Vice President of Cummins and General Manager of Cummins China Engine Business Department, Wang Xiaofeng, Vice General Manager of Shaanxi Auto Group, Wang Jianbin, General Manager of Shaanxi Auto Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Zhao Hongmei, Director of Cummins China Market Communications, and General Manager of Cummins China Engine Marketing Li Huang Haitao, Vice General Manager Liu Xin of Shaanxi Heavy Automobile Sales Company, General Manager Hou Ming of Xi’an Branch of Cummins China Distribution Business Department, General Manager Yang Xiaodong of Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and Xi’an Cummins Partners, National Regional Clients, Xi’an Cummins and Cummins China Xi’an Branch, Parts Distribution More than 200 staff representatives attended the event to share the joy of Cummins’growth over the past 100 years and witness the birth of Cummins Customer Club in Xi’an.

Overall cooperation and drawing a blueprint

Cummins’success in the Chinese market depends on its excellent partners. The development of Cummins in Xi’an depends on the support and trust of leaders at all levels of Shaanxi Auto. From product planning to vehicle matching, from market development to service support, Xi’an Cummins and Shaanxi Auto related business blocks are seamless, bringing the advantages of engine and vehicle 1+1 greater than 2 into full play. Shaanxi Auto Cummins has won the recognition and trust of the vast number of users.

Xi’an Cummins Engine Project is a strategic project jointly built by Shaanxi Auto and Cummins on the basis of consistency judgment of heavy truck industry. Since its completion and commissioning, Xi’an Cummins has been supporting nearly 70,000 engines of various types of Shaanxi Auto. Cummins products of Shaanxi Auto have been sold to 53 countries in the world, and its overseas sales have totalled more than 7,000 vehicles.
With the advance implementation of the Sixth National Emission Standard, Cummins’technological advantages will become more prominent. Shaanxi Auto and Cummins will take this opportunity to promote the overall upgrading of product technology, shape the first-class comprehensive service ability and market support ability, and create a comprehensive leading advantage of differentiation.

Wang Yanhong, deputy secretary and general manager of Shaanxi Auto Holding Party Committee, said: “The construction of New Shaanxi Auto Company has been accelerated in an all-round way, and the effect of double-wheel drive has gradually emerged. The development pattern of the whole series of commercial vehicles of Shaanxi Auto Company has basically taken shape, which will provide a broader market for Cummins in Xi’an. Shaanxi Auto will continue to fully support the development of Xikang with Cummins, continue to accelerate the introduction of Xikang products, and constantly improve the matching rate of Xi’an Cummins; maintain a high degree of synergy in product development, market promotion and service guarantee, and jointly explore the market to make Xi’an Cummins the most important along the Silk Road. Business vehicle power base to achieve win-win cooperation and create a beautiful future.

“With the implementation of the Sixth National Emission Regulation, Cummins has also officially released a series of Sixth National Core Technologies. Coming into the Sixth Age, Cummins is confident that with our broad Sixth Product Line, it can fully meet the diversified power demand of Shanxi Heavy Automobile and Shanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicles. To help Shaanxi Auto’s business sectors continue to advance in the Sixth Century, Cummins has made full preparations. Liu Xiaoxing, Vice President of Cummins and General Manager of China Engine Division, said in his speech.

Sincerity for the Prosperity and Win-win of Alliance and Alliance

The Sixth Age of China will also be an important node for the upgrading of Cummins products and companies in Xi’an. Xi’an Cummins will enter the Sixth Age with more competitive power solutions, host factories and end users, and create value for users with digital and intelligent life cycle support capabilities. On this node, Xi’an Cummins set up User X Alliance, which demonstrates Xikang’s determination and confidence to create “the most beautiful life” for users in the new era.

For a long time, Xi’an Cummins always regards “Becoming the most trustworthy partner of customers” as its creed and devotes itself to providing customers with high-quality products and services. For 12 years, Xi’an Cummins has actively practiced the service concept of “quick initiative, pleasant whole journey” and constantly upgraded its customer service system. On the occasion of Cummins Centennial birthday, Wang Xiaofeng, Vice General Manager of Shaanxi Auto Holdings, Wang Jianbin, General Manager of Commercial Vehicles of Shaanxi Auto, Huang Haitao, General Manager of Engine Marketing of Cummins China and Yang Xiaodong, General Manager of Cummins Xi’an, opened the X Alliance-Cummins Customer Club grandly with five customer representatives.

Yang Xiaodong, general manager of Xi’an Cummins, said: “X Alliance – Xi’an Cummins Customer Club forms a people-oriented and distinctive service value chain through customizing customer care, upgrading customer experience, customer relationship management and customer value operation, and realizes the transition and transformation from humanistic care to value creation. Xi’an Cummins will build a long-term partnership of mutual benefit and trust with customers through X Alliance, so that customers can feel more care, enjoy more services and get more value here.

The X Alliance logo released this time is also remarkable. The “X” in the X alliance consists of 4C. On behalf of X Alliance, we provide care for our customers through various forms of clubs. The “care” project of customer clubs once again extends rich customer value: providing customers with lower costs, more convenient services, and achieving zero-distance communication with customers in order to achieve long-term cooperation.

Cooperation. At the same time, X represents Xi’an Cummins (XCEC). X intersects the whole vehicle platform of Shaanxi Auto Company matched by Xi’an Cummins engine: X3000, X3, X3L and so on. X symbolizes infinite possibilities, providing customers with a variety of solutions, realizing zero distance between Xi’an Cummins and customers through the interconnection of many information systems.

As the first respected member of Xi’an Cummins X Alliance, Wang Haitao, General Manager of Jiege Logistics in Baishan City, Jilin Province, said: “The excellent performance of Cummins in daily use and the support response of after-sales service team in the fleet operation fully prove that Cummins is a trustworthy brand, choosing Shaanxi Auto and selecting Shaanxi Auto.” Choosing Cummins in Xi’an is a correct decision. We hope that in the future, Jiege Logistics will have more in-depth and long-term cooperation with Shaanxi Auto and Xi’an Cummins.

Take responsibility to serve the community

Cummins has always been active in corporate responsibility, dedicated to serving and improving the work and life of employees in the community. Over the years, Cummins in Xi’an has taken practical actions to fulfill its social mission, made active efforts in education support, environmental protection and equal opportunities, and devoted itself to the construction of Zhimei Community, the most beautiful campus. The event also witnessed the official launch of the Cummins Jiangli Primary School Project. Xi’an Cummins will contribute to the hardware upgrading of the primary school teaching facilities and carry out safety and environmental education cooperation.

Open up infinite power and create a beautiful future together. The 100-year Cummins to the United States China Bank and Xi’an Cummins X Alliance promulgation activities were successfully concluded. Let us remember a hundred years and continue to write glory.

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