Fast Electric Drive System Helps Light Truck Logistics

The Fast 4E50 electric drive transmission system has won the praise of the users for its smooth and comfortable operation, efficient and reliable use, energy saving and low consumption. It is suitable for 6-8m passenger cars and light trucks and sanitation vehicles below 10T.

The internal transmission of the Fast Electric Drive Transmission System is a self-designed sliding sleeve structure with higher reliability. The advanced control strategy and the pneumatic shift actuator with a life of 30 million times ensure smoother shifting, faster shifting and lower cost. Excellent energy management algorithm, can automatically adjust the energy recovery intensity under different working conditions, and adapt to different road conditions to fully meet user needs.

In the field of new energy transmission, Fast has always insisted on independent research and development and joint development, and built a comprehensive product structure based on pure electric and hybrid power. It has launched a variety of new products for new energy commercial vehicles. The continued development of the new contribution.

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